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As long as computers have been stable enough to be useful, people have always managed to find ways to cause problems, and the most effective way to create a ruckus on the computers is through malware and computer viruses.

These computer viruses are similar to the biological virus, they enter the computer and start replicating and expanding the virus files in that particular computer. By one computer being affected by a virus if and if there is any transfer in data to another computer from the affected one then it causes the other computer to also be affected by that virus. 

The idea of this autonomous self-replicating entity was first framed by John Von Neumann in the 1940s but the first computer virus was discovered or created in 1971 named “Creeper”. This virus traveled through many computers and did not leave any trace except it left a message on all the victim computers stating ” I’M THE CREEPER: CATCH ME IF YOU CAN “. 

Viruses and its advancement: 

The more advanced version of this was able to create copies of itself in the computers making it also the first computer worm. Later a computer scientist named Ray Tomlinson created the “Reaper” to clean up the mess the “Creeper” left in the computers it affected. In 1975 a computer game called “ANIMAL” was quite popular among the computer users, it was a text-based game that asks you a series of questions and it guesses the name of the animal. 

This game in the background was able to create copies of the game files to every folder inside the computer and finally making the computer crash. Even though this was unintentional it was still the first computer targeting attack.

In 1982 Richar Skrenta an Apple-II enthusiast, at that time networking between personal computers was rare and difficult but he was able to create the world’s first harmful computer virus that could replicate and change the files present in the boot sector of the computers and this would destroy the whole system. Later on, the creation of computer viruses has become a hobby to the people and numerous such viruses and malware were created.

In recent times the viruses have been made in such a way that they remain invisible but stay inside the computer and monitoring your actions and whoever created the virus can access all the information that processes on the target computer. Some advanced version of viruses has led to trojans and other stuff that are related to hacking. 


Hacking is nothing but sending a virus so the predator could gain access to the target and due to this many frauds and criminal activities took place as by being a victim all the personal data such as bank details, etc. could be accessed by who initiated the attack.

To stay safe from such attacks it is better to have a good quality anti-virus as they keep up regular scans and search the computer files for any foreign files that could be harmful.

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